Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The CADCA Forum was very informative for both Heidi and Tonja.
Tonja was able to get a lot of information about the STOP Act grant that she is working on. She got information on exactly what they are looking for out of those grants. She also was able to obtain information about Substance abuse and mental health prevention, intervention and treatment which should help in the line of work we are in.

Heidi was able to gather planning information for writing the year 6 competitive renewal for the DFC grant. This information will give her insights into what they are looking for from the applicants and how to write a good strong application for funding. Heidi will begin this process over the next few months so that all items are in line for the renewal next spring.

Both Heidi and Tonja were able to participate in the Capitol Hill day where they spoke with senators and congressmen about supporting the DFC program and the support 21 ACT. They met with a staffer from Loebsacks office, Senator Grassley, and congressman Boswell. They were not able to meet with Senator Harkin due to scheduling conflicts.

It was a very good conference and both coalition members came back overloaded with information they will be sharing with the entire coalition in the coming months! Stay Tuned!

Up Next- Coalition Academy- February 23-27th

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