Monday, February 22, 2010

Coalition Member Feedback

Coalition Members:
We need your feedback.
The coalition is working on plans for the Spring Town Hall event and needs input from coalition and community members.
Take a minute to complete this short survey about what you would like to see:
Town Hall

Also- The coalition would like to begin offering educational forums to members this spring. What topics would you like to see discussed at the forums:
Educational Topics

Thank you for taking a few minutes to provide the coalition with valuable feedback!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PARENTS.... check this out

The coalition receives a variety of news feeds, blog updates, resources everyday. But this particular one struck our eye as it seems to be an issue that we talk about a lot in our community. It is around parents allowing their teens to drink at home with their permission. Instead of pasting all of the info in our blog I thought I would just link you to the site so that you can see the discussion as well as the comments. You are welcome to post you on comments on their site or on this site in regard to your feelings around allowing teens to consume alcohol in the home with the permission of parents.
Check it out!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Coalition graduates and members attend National Leadership Forum

Coalition members Heidi Bainbridge and Melissa Daugherty will be traveling to Washington DC in February to attend the Graduation Ceremonies for the National Coalition Academy and attend the National Leadership Forum.

The Van Buren County SAFE Coalition has been attending the year long National Coalition Academy which began in March of 2009. Coalition members attended classes for three separate weeks to learn the concepts of the academy. After each week of classes the coalition members brought the information back to the community and worked to implement what they had learned. The academy required the development of three products for the coalition; a community assessment, a logic model, a strategic and action plan, an evaluation plan, and a sustainability plan. The coalition has completed all necessary requirements for the academy and the documents may be found online at: The coalition will officially graduate at ceremonies to be held in Washington DC during the National Leadership forum, Daugherty and Bainbridge will be accepting the award on behalf of the coalition.

While in Washington DC the coalition members will be attending the National Leadership Forum as well as meeting with Senators Harkin and Grassley and Representative Loebsack around continued funding for strategies that positively impact the youth of our community.

For more information about the National Coalition Academy or the National Leadership forum you may check it out on the coalition website: or call 319-293-6412.