Monday, June 1, 2009

What is a logic model?

A Logic Model is a picture of how a coalition will improve a community problem. It gives the coalition a picture of what the problem is, and exactly what it looks like in their community. The four parts of a logic model include:
  1. Ultimate Outcome or Problem (on the far left)
  2. Root Causes (second column)
  3. Local Conditions (third column)
  4. Data (above and far right)

1. The Problem is the issue the community is addressing and ultimately what they want to change.

2. The Root Cause is the reason that the problem exists.

3. The Local Conditions are what make the root cause unique. It answers the question- Why here? Why is that a problem in our community. They need to be as specific as possible- what exactly does it look like?

4. The data is the information that supports all pieces of the model. These should be three-fold- info from three different sources of data.

An example of the SAFE Coalition's (draft version) Logic Model is shown below. To see a better version of the model- Click Here!

For more information about logic models you can check out CADCA's website or contact the safe coalition at 319-293-6412 or

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