Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SAFE Home Pledges Are Back!

Its back to school time again, which means SAFE Home Pledges for the coalition.
The coalition is asking that all parents sign a SAFE Home pledge to ensure that parents:
  • Are present/know about all parties or gatherings in my home.
  • Will not serve nor allow youth under the leagal age to consume/use alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco in their home or on their property.
  • welcome communication with any parent/guardian who observes their student using alcohol or other illegal substances.
  • will communicate with other parent/guardian of any student they personally observe using alcohol or other illegal substances.

After the start of school Directories will be printed and mailed to all parents who sign a pledge. This will allow for communication among parents about risky youth behaviors.

Parents who do not get a pledge signed at registration are able to sign a pledge in other ways:

1. Online- visit on the front page click on "sign a 2009-2010 SAFE Home Pledge"

2. Call the coalition- 319-293-6412 and they will assist you in getting a pledge signed.

For more information about the pledges or any other coalition activities you may contact them at 319-293-6412 or via email at

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