Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Parents- Take the Pop Culture Quiz

Parents Pop Culture Quiz
Between the fast-paced world of teen culture and the negative influences that bombard your teen, parenting is a challenging and unpredictable task. How in tune are you with your teen’s world?Test your knowledge with this short quiz.
1) According to urban legend, what do teens think niacin (vitamin B) can be used for?
A Passing drug tests
B Getting rid of “the munchies” from smoking marijuana
C Snorting to get a burst of energy like speed
D Both A and B

2) If your teen were to “ROTFL,” what would she be doing?
A Electronically recording a TV program
B Text-messaging someone about her new boyfriend
C Instant-messaging someone about something really funny
D E-mailing a friend about something confusing

3) Which of the following video game ratings may not be appropriate for your teen?
C E10
D Both A and B

4) If a teen is “leaning,” what might he be doing?
A Snorting heroin and cold medicine
B Getting ready to give someone a kiss
C Drinking cough syrup and soda
D Getting ready to fight

5) What are the most popular inhalants among teens?
A Glue and shoe polish
B Nitrous oxide “whippets”
C Spray paints
D Cleaning fluids

1) D Both A and B
According to urban legend, niacin (vitamin B3) can be taken to cleanse the body of drugs to pass drug tests as well as counteract the intense hunger (commonly called “the munchies”) brought on by marijuana use. In high doses, niacin can cause nausea, vomiting, blood poisoning and liver failure.

2) C Instant-messaging someone about something really funny
ROTFL is instant-messenger and cell phone “text language” for “rolling on the floor laughing.” Text language frequently uses acronyms to shorten longer sentences or phrases.

3) D Both A and B
In the video game rating system, “M” stands for “mature” (aged 17 and older), and “AO” stands for “adults only” (aged 18 and older). Games with these ratings contain content such as violence, gore, and sexual content that may not be suitable for persons younger than 18, respectively.

4) C Drinking cough syrup and soda
“Lean” is an illegal drug concoction of prescription cough syrup containing the painkiller codeine mixed with soda or another sweet beverage.

5) A Glue and shoe polish
Many household products can be abused as inhalants. Among children age 12-17 using inhalants for the first time, glue and shoe polish are the most commonly abused. Chronic abuse of solvents can cause severe, long-term damage to the brain, the liver, and the kidneys; and highly concentrated amounts of the chemicals in inhalants can directly induce heart failure and death, a syndrome known as “sudden sniffing death.”

For more information on talking to your teen about these or any other drugs or alcohol visit the anti drug at www.theantidrug.com

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