Monday, October 5, 2009

Iowa Youth Survey Has Arrived

The Iowa youth Survey is being administered this week at the Van Buren Community High School and will be administered next week at the Van Buren Middle School.

The Iowa Youth Survey is administered this year to all students in grades 6-12. The purpose of the survey is to collect information about Iowa youth, so we can better understand their beliefs, values and decisions about what makes them feel secure, strong, and safe in their communities, schools, and families. In addition, information is collected about their ideas on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bullying and harassment, and violence prevention. The information collected will help the school, local community task forces, and the state put together valuable future programming. It is important to ask children to tell us what is good and working about their life in Iowa, and what needs improvement, in their eyes.

All participants are encouraged to be truthful when completing the survey as the results are used to get a good clear picture of the youth in the community. If you have questions about the Iowa Youth Survey please feel free to contact the school office.

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