Monday, October 18, 2010

JEL Members Provide Education at Fall Festival

The members of the Van Buren High School JEL/YLC program provided information to the public at the Fall Festival in Keosuqua on Saturday October 9th. These members dressed in various costumes that represented the dangerous tactics used by Big Tobacco to get youth to use their products. Costumes included; a rat, an M&M, a toilet, a baby, and a cow. These characters were then placed throughout the down town area. Spectators were encouraged to visit each of the characters, listen to their fact and when they had collected all facts return to the main booth for a prize. All participants received a prize and a grand prize drawing was held for everyone who was involved. Congratulations to Abbie Johnson for winning the grand prize!

The students had a great time with this activity and were able to educate the community and vistors about the dangers of the use of tobacco. They have other street marketing activities planned throughout the year as well as activities in their school and at the elementary center.

JEL (or Just Eliminate Lies) is a statewide program dedicated to fighting big tobacco across Iowa. Started in 2000, they have had many successes, including a dollar cigarette tax, and the statewide smoking ban. They hold many street marketing events and are actively involved with PSA's and preventing teen tobacco use.

For more information on the JEL program you may call the office at 319-293-6412

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