Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JEL Members at Strawberry Festival

The JEL members from the Harmony High school made a presence at the Farmington Strawberry Festival over the weekend. On Friday the members visited with the vendors as they set up their booths and provided them with no smoking signs if they were interested. Many of the vendors were very appreciative of the signs and said that it was really helpful to have these available. One vendor said she is allergic to the smoke and this will be an easy way for her to remind patrons not to smoke in her tent. There were very few vendors who declined the signs and about 30 signs were posted at the vendor tents downtown. Large posters were also hung in various places around the downtown area to provide information about secondhand smoke, tobacco use and quitting smoking. The youth hoped to send a message that secondhand smoke in public places in dangerous not just for the smoker but for those around them.

Also on Saturday JEL members set up a booth with information. Their booth had a quiz where prizes could be won and information about quitting tobacco use for those interested. The members enjoyed providing the information about the dangers of tobacco and secondhand smoke.

For more information the JEL program and activities please contact 319-293-6412.

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