Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrating Success

The Van Buren County Law Enforcement and YLC members were honored at the SAFE Coalition’s Celebrating Success event held on Thursday, March 22nd in Keosauqua.
The Van Buren County SAFE Coalition supports the law enforcement heroes that work to keep our streets and communities safe. The work of the Van Buren County Sheriff’s department and Reserve Officers contributes to the overall success of the coalition in reducing underage drinking.

Iowa Youth Survey Data from Van Buren County 11th grade students (2005-2010) shows:
• a decrease of 17% in past 30 day alcohol use
• a decrease of 9% in binge drinking (5 or more drinks of alcohol in a row)
Other reductions related to underage drinking in Van Buren County include:
• Alcohol compliance checks were implemented with compliance rates going from 87% compliant at inception to 92% and 100% compliant in the checks over the last year.
• Underage alcohol possession violations have decreased from 36 in 2006 to 5 in 2011

Honored at this event was Sheriff Danny Tedrow for his support of the SAFE Coalition and his commitment to enforcing underage drinking laws in our community. The coalition also recognized the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Reserve Officers for the work they have done to support reducing underage drinking. Activities of the Reserve Officers include; compliance checks with merchants who sell alcohol, prevention programming in the middle school, extra patrols at special events and festivals in the community, patrols at special events connected to the school districts and holding prescription drug take back day.

Outstanding youth were also honored at this event by the SAFE Coalition:
Drew Nolting was recognized for his involvement at the state level with the I-STEP (Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention) organization and a member of the state executive council to address youth related issues across the state.

Emily Jester was recognized for her involvement with the Office of National Drug Control’s Above the Influence Media campaign. Emily won the “Be It” slogan contest with her slogan “Don’t be ashamed to speak”. This slogan will be used on a local media campaign that will include; a billboard, a painted mural, posters and radio and TV advertisements.

Cassie Johnson was recognized for her award from the State of Iowa’s Students Taking Charge initiative. Cassie submitted a video about how her school was healthy. Her video won 4th runner up and $500 for her to use in her school to make additional improvements to health and wellness.
The Law Enforcement and YLC members that were honored at this event have shown exemplary service in keeping the community safe. They have made a commitment to help change the community norm and reduce underage drinking in Van Buren County. We invite you to congratulate those honored for a job well done!

Thank you for those who assisted with the event and those who attended to receive the important message that underage drinking in Van Buren County is unacceptable. For more information on the SAFE Coalition please feel free to contact the office at 319-293-6412 or via email at

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