Thursday, May 17, 2012

AC4C Townhall Culmination Meeting & Roundtable

AC4C (Alliance of Coalitions for Change) is hosting a state-wide culmination meeting on May 30, 2012 to provide feedback from all of the town hall events held across the state of Iowa. The town hall events addressed underage drinking and the problems it can cause.

AC4C asked that all Iowa town hall organizers add specific questions to their participant surveys at their events. At the end of April those holding town hall events were asked to enter the data collected from their event to a survey online. AC4C hopes that after compiling the data from this survey they will be able to identify 1) The scope of the problem with underage drinking in Iowa 2) The accessibility to alcohol by underage drinkers- statewide and 3) What impacts youth across the state.

May 30th will be a day of learning and interactive roundtable discussions with guest speaker Robert Edwards ("Overcoming Old School Beliefs" & "Getting Families/Parents/ Youth into the Room") facilitating the day's events.

Robert Edwards has 34 years of law enforcement experience, 31 years of which have been as Chief of Police for the Dover Vermont Police Department. He is the History of Police instructor for Vermont Police Academy, a trainer for the Vermont EUDL START Team, is a member the Vermont EUDL Advisory Council, and an instructor in Community Policing. He has presented at the FBI National Academy and has appeared on Law Enforcement Television Network "Viewpoints" program, "Creating Media for Community Relations." He is a former co-publisher of a weekly newspaper and for the past 13 years has been teaching video production at Twin Valley High School. He regularly speaks at local, State, and National conferences on the effects of substances on adolescent brain development, changing community norms, and has developed a highly effective false ID education/enforcement program.

This event is open to anyone in the state interested in learning more about what they can do to reduce underage drinking. To register please visit

For more information on the events held in Iowa, The Townhall Culmination Meeting or underage drinking in Iowa please contact the Van Buren County SAFE Coalition by phone at 319-293-6412 or by email at

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