Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012-2013 Van Buren Middle/High School Conduct Policy FAQ’s

Back to school time is upon us and it is in this time that we take time to remind you about Van Buren Community School Districts’ Code of Conduct. A couple of revisions have been made to the conduct policy since last year and we want to be sure you are aware of these changes. Lets’ start with what hasn’t changed:

What is a conduct policy?Van Buren’s conduct policy provides students and parents with a set of guidelines of what is expected in terms of a student’s conduct in order to be eligible to participate in activities at Van Buren. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege and students must demonstrate good behavior not only during school hours but at all times in order to earn the privilege of participating.

Why is a conduct policy necessary?
Van Buren’s code of conduct sets behavioral standards to assist youth in making good decisions. The reason for the conduct policy is not just to punish those who break the rules. It sets clear and consistent boundaries for participation in athletics and activities at Van Buren.

What if my student isn’t in sports? Can my student be unable to attend prom?
All students that are involved in activities of any sort at Van Buren, including music, theatre, clubs and even school sponsored events such as Prom and Homecoming are expected to abide by the standards set in the conduct policy. If a student is found in violation of the policy then they will be ineligible to participate in activities as covered by the policy.

Who should I talk to if I’m aware of a violation?
Violations should be directed to school staff and/or the building administrator for investigation. Steps will then be taken to address the occurrence. However there must be more evidence than hearsay to find a student in violation of the conduct policy. Additional guidelines for reporting a violation can be found in the policy.

What is covered in the policy?
Any violation of the policy would be that in which a student is not conducting themselves in a proper and/or legal manner. Students are expected to maintain high standards of behavior both on and off school grounds as they are a representation of the district. Violations could include but are not limited to; alcohol, drug or tobacco use, of being in the presence of these substances, bullying/harassment of others both verbally and via electronic communications, any act that would be grounds for arrest, inappropriate or offensive behaviors and any use of online communication that depicts inappropriate behavior or disparages the school district. For a full list of violations please refer to the policy.

What is new this year?
The 2012/2013 revised conduct policy has a new probationary period for students who have entered the 9th (freshman) grade. This probationary period is to give those students who received violations during middle school an opportunity to show that they have grown and learned from their mistakes. If they complete their freshman year with no conduct violations, all previous violations will be expunged from their record for their 10th (sophomore) year moving forward. If any violations are received during the 9th grade year all violations will carry forward.

For more information on the policy you may contact the school administrator or the school board office for a copy of the policy and more details.

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