Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Youth Leadership Council News

The Van Buren Youth Leadership Council members were busy over the summer. While there were no regular meetings scheduled the students were active throughout the summer.

I-STEP Summit- In July three Van Buren youth were selected to attend the I-Step Summit in Des Moines. This was a one day summit intended to replace the JEL summit from years past. This was a very informative day that allowed the students to develop goals and a plan for their upcoming year. Two Van Buren youth were selected to be members of the State of Iowa I-STEP executive Council for next year; Drew Nolting and Cassie Johnson.

CADCA Youth Leadership Initiative- Lydia Heald applied this summer to be a youth facilitator for the CADCA National Youth Leadership Initiative. She was selected to attend the trainings and participate in the Training of Trainers (TOT). She spent a very intensive week learning and participating in the training in Nashville, TN. She will learn later this fall if she has been selected to be on the next training team and what her duties will include.

SAFE and Healthy Kids Fair- YLC members once again set up a booth at the Van Buren County SAFE and Healthy Kids Fair this summer. They had alcohol and tobacco questions that allowed the kids to either make a bracelet or throw balls at the dunk tank. This is always a hit for the youth members as it is usually a pretty warm day. Information on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco are provided to the kids who attend the fair.

Boone Youth Leadership Training- Twelve Van Buren YLC members were selected to attend a youth leadership training in Boone in August. Six of the YLC members were selected as youth facilitators and assisted with the training during the week. This training taught the students about being leaders in their community, speaking up for what they believe in and identifying and making changes to problems they see in their community.

National Conference on Tobacco or Health- Drew Nolting was selected from the state of Iowa to attend this conference in Kansas City, MO in August. The purpose of the National Conference on Tobacco or Health is to help improve and sustain the effectiveness and reach of tobacco control programs and activities in the United States. Drew was able to take part in a youth track and brought back some great ideas for things the youth coalition can implement in Van Buren County.

If you see any of these members congratulate them on their accomplishments and for keeping busy this summer! As the school year starts the YLC members will have monthly or bi-monthly meetings to begin work toward their yearly goals at both Van Buren and Harmony schools. Their will be a training held in late September to bring all members together and work on county-wide plan for making a change in their community. Be watching for more YLC activities throughout the year and support them in the work that they do- their main goal is to make Van Buren County a better place to live!

You may find out more about the YLC program, their meetings and events on the website at http://ylc.vbsafecoalition.com/ or by calling the coalition office at 319-293-6412.

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