Monday, February 18, 2013

Merchant Services in Van Buren County

The Van Buren County SAFE Coalition is active in working with businesses to ensure that they are aware of the Iowa law as it relates to the sale of alcohol. They provide a variety of resources and assistance to any businesses in Van Buren County, these resources include materials, trainings, and assistance with policy change. The coalition also works closely with the Iowa Alcoholic and Beverages division to ensure that all license regulations are being met by license holders.  Services are FREE and are provided at your convenience.


·   FREE to All Businesses in Van Buren County
·   How to properly check an ID
·   Examples of fake and authentic forms of identification
·   Conveniently located– within the county or at your place of business
·   “Could” lower your dram insurance*
·   Information on semi-annual compliance checks
·   All Businesses and employees completing the merchant training will receive certificates of completion valid for two years.
*Each insurance provider has their own policies– you need to check with your insurance provider to determine the discount, if any.
·   Manager Training Binders
·   “We Card” Calendars, Stickers, Door Clings, Window Clings
·   ID card tip sheet
·   Laminated reference sheets
·   Current laws and fines– updated information on current Iowa Laws
·   Fact Sheets
·   Examples of fake and authentic forms of identification
·   Resources for identification checking machines
·   Need something? Just ask– we can probably get it!
·   Ensure that the patrons you are   serving and selling alcohol to are of legal age
·   The SAFE Coalition can assist in:
o       Writing policies for minors in establishments that serve alcohol
o       Providing signage to ensure the policies are followed
o       Training of the policies with all employees of the establishment
o       Developing policies for underage drinking issues

Want more information on these or any of our services?  Contact us at 319-293-6412 or at or check us out on the web at  To sign up for the quarterly Merchant Circle publication provided by the coalition please email and request a copy today!

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