Monday, April 29, 2013

Van Buren Community Schools YLC Peer Teaching

By: Cassie Johnson
As Youth Leadership Council (YLC) Members we love to visit the Elementary School to peer teach.  When we peer teach we aim to teach a lesson or do an activity that educates them about drugs and alcohol.  We have visited 3rd through 6th grade. 

On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 we visited both 5th and 6th grade classes at Douds Elementary School.  The 5th graders wrote letters to high school seniors asking them to be safe during graduation.  The 6th graders participated in a “What would you rather do” activity, where they were asked to draw a picture of what they can do rather than drugs or alcohol. While we were visiting the 6th graders we also recruited them to join YLC in 7th grade.  7th grade is the first year students are eligible to join YLC. 

The YLC members visit the elementary center during the month of April since it is Alcohol Awareness Month. This reminds the students of the dangers of underage drinking and to think twice when they are faced with the choice to use alcohol. Choose to be alcohol-free!

For more information on YLC, their peer teaching and other activities please contact the SAFE Coalition office at 319-293-6412 or at  You can also see what the students are doing through the YLC website at or the coalition blog at 

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