Thursday, August 22, 2013

YLC- Join Today!

Youth Leadership Council or YLC is for students in middle and high school in Van Buren County, this includes both Van Buren and Harmony school district. YLC addresses problems that youth determine are issues in their community; these may be related to drugs and alcohol as well as tobacco or could be bullying and harassment or nutrition and obesity. The issues addressed are determined by the youth based on a strategic planning process.

Throughout the year the members participate in many local and statewide activities.  Local activities include; street marketing events to inform residents of the dangers of tobacco, underage drinking, and drugs, peer teaching at elementary centers, sticker shock, cigarette butt clean up plus much more!  Some of the state events they have taken part in included; Youth Advocacy Day in Des Moines and the Youth Summit held over the summer. YLC members also have an opportunity to attend national events in places such as Washington, DC and Nashville, TN.

YLC is an excellent program for students to get involved in as it allows them to gain leadership in their school and community.  The programs are also linked with the SAFE Coalition; they are the voice of the youth in our county.  The YLC program strives to have youth driven meetings, events and results. 

ALL YOUTH in grades 7-12 are encouraged to join this year; you can do so by joining us at a meeting at your school! If you have any questions, or have a student who is interested in joining, contact Heidi at 319-293-6412, or visit us on the web at

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