Monday, April 28, 2014

Van Buren Businesses 100% in Alcohol Compliance Checks

The Van Buren SAFE Coalition in conjunction with the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department and Iowa State Police is pleased to announce that Van Buren County was 100% compliant in alcohol sales compliance checks on March 15, 2014.  Congratulations and thank you to the businesses for their efforts leading to their recent success in passing the alcohol sales compliance checks.  This was a successful day for every business in the county that was checked. 

Underage drinking continues to be a problem for the youth in our community.  Alcohol is the drug of choice for our youth so prevention efforts must come from every part of our community.  The SAFE Coalition continues to work with students, parents, retailers and community members to address the problems associated with underage drinking. 

Alcohol retailers are the first line of defense in stopping the sale of alcohol to young people.  It’s important for everyone to make sure that they are doing their part in preventing the problems associated with underage drinking.

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department will regularly use alcohol sales compliance checks in an effort to keep Van Buren County safe by limiting access to alcohol for our youth.  By working together we can make a difference.  Again, we congratulate the businesses on a job well done. 

The following is a list of the businesses that successfully passed the recent compliance check.

Birmingham Jet Stop           Bonaparte Jet Stop              Milton Jet Stop
Moore’s Grocery                   Boyd Grocery                        Bridge Café & Supper Club
Circle B                                  Casey’s General Store        H&K Pony Express
Hel-Mart                                 Tillie’s Tap                             Vet’s Club
American Legion                 T&C Tavern                           Riverbend Pizza & Steakhouse
AJ’s Bar & Grill                     First Street Grille                  Bonaparte Inn                     

Douds Kwik Stop

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