Monday, February 23, 2015

Kick Butts Day 2015

By Sydney Goemaat and Rose Rankin
Kick Butts Day on March 18, 2015 is about getting involved in activities so American youth can raise awareness about the tobacco problem, encourage peers to be tobacco free and support effective solutions to reduce tobacco use. Every day more than 3,000 kids under 18 try smoking for the first time and 700 kids become new regular daily smokers. Tobacco use is still the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., killing more than 480,000 people every year.

That is why Van Buren Middle School YLC 8th graders are participating in Kick Butts Day by doing fun activities to show awareness.  The activities we will be doing are…

*On March 16th a group of girls are going to pick up cigarette butts on 1st Street in Keosauqua, to show that they care about having a smoke free environment. They will be displaying the cigarettes in the display case in the school lobby.

*On March 16th during parent teacher conferences, YLC will assist with a Tail Gate/Smoke out. This group of boys is going to put facts about smoking and how it affects the body on the food containers.

* On March 17th a group of girls are planning to put stickers on cigarette boxes and advertisements. These stickers have facts about the physical consequences of smoking.

*On March 18th two groups of students will travel to the Elementary School to teach the 6th grade classes of Mrs.Corry and Mrs.Jones. The groups will teach the students how the cigarettes would affect their career or favorite activities. They will also have a lung display to show the effects of smoking on their lungs. They will also have a coloring contest as an activity and facts about smoking.

*On March 18th there will be a video skit shared with students during lunch time. 

All of these activities are a reminder to students and adults of the dangers of using tobacco, not only for the smoker but also for those around them. If you know someone who uses tobacco and is interested in quitting the coalition has resources available. Do your part as well to remind youth to never begin this addictive habit. For more information or resources you may contact the SAFE Coalition at 319-293-6412 or at To learn more about what the Van Buren County Youth Leadership Council is working on you can go to

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