Friday, March 20, 2015

Kick Butts Day 2014

National Kick Butts Day activities were held across the country on March 18th. Kick Butts Day is a day dedicated to encouraging smokers to kick the habit and if you don’t smoke encouraging people to never start.

Van Buren County Youth Leadership Council (YLC) members held a variety of events and activities to bring awareness to the dangers of tobacco use. Activities that Van Buren YLC members were involved in included:
·         Videos: two groups developed videos displaying the dangers of tobacco use. 
·         Interviews: one group was interviewed about Kick Butts Day Activities and the dangers of tobacco use.
·         Posters were developed and hung around the school to promote Kick Butts Day.
·         Cigarette Butt Cleanup: members did cleanups on Main Street in Keosauqua and on the school grounds.
·         Cups in Fence: members displayed a tobacco free message for all visitors to see in the fence at the school.
·         Tailgate Dinner: YLC Members assisted in a tailgate dinner during Parent Teacher Conferences with Tobacco Facts on the cups. 
·         Peer Teaching: YLC Members did peer teaching with the 4th graders at Van Buren Community Elementary School
·         Lunch Activities: during lunch on Kick Butts Day Middle School Students participated in a scavenger hunt, watched videos and were given suckers with tobacco facts to remind them to be tobacco free.
·         Sticker Shock: YLC Members put stickers on tobacco products reminding smokers of the dangers and encouraging them to quit.
·         Awareness Walk: this was held to end the week on Friday and give the students the opportunity to get out and breath clean air – not air filled with smoke.

All of these activities are a reminder to students and adults of the dangers of using tobacco, not only for the smoker but for those around them. If you know someone who uses tobacco and is interested in quitting the coalition has resources available. Do your part as well to remind youth to never begin this addictive habit. For more information or resources you may contact the SAFE Coalition at 319-293-6412.
Van Buren Community Middle School 8th Grade YLC Members doing Peer Teaching at Douds Elementary School with contest winners.  

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