Friday, April 24, 2015

Alcohol Awareness Month

By: Sarah Frey

Did you know that teens who start drinking before the age of fifteen are five times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life than those who begin drinking at or after the legal age of 21? The Youth Leadership Council of Van Buren is spreading awareness on the use of alcohol to fellow students during the month of April, as April is alcohol awareness month.

Students at Van Buren High School have or will have participated in many informative yet interactive activities during this month to promote awareness about alcohol. The first activity was the placing of cups in a fence near the track for bystanders and athletes to see during the meet, spelling a phrase about alcohol awareness. The group has also participated in Sticker Shock at local businesses, it is one of the most popular activities we do as a group. With permission of the business and distributor we place labels on packages of alcohol stating the penalties for providing alcohol to minors. Members have also helped with a scavenger hunt during lunch where students search for facts around the school related to alcohol use, and the winners receive a prize. Students from the group also took the time to create an eye catching display with facts and photos about alcohol use and prevention in the school lobby. Lastly, some members will be going to the elementary school and participating in peer teaching. They will be going to a sixth grade class to teach them about alcohol awareness month and recruit them for YLC next year.

Alcohol awareness month is a busy month for the Youth Leadership Council, but we do our very best to provide knowledge to the community and influence our peers to make the choice to be above the influence.

For more information on YLC and their activities or alcohol safety please contact the SAFE Coalition at  or call at 319-293-6412. 


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