Thursday, May 21, 2015

Youth Leadership Council News

The school year has come to an end and with that most of the Youth Leadership Council (YLC) activities as well. The kids will be involved in a few things over the summer but no regular meetings will be held until school is back in session in the fall.

YLC members had a very productive year tackling the issues of underage drinking, tobacco use, marijuana use and the 7th graders even took on littering and worked to make their school and community a cleaner place.

YLC members took their bi-annual trip to Adventureland on May 2nd. Adventureland designates this weekend as a Substance Abuse Free weekend and offers groups and organizations discounted tickets to attend! There were 46 students from both Van Buren and Harmony that enjoyed the trip!

Also in May two graduating members of Youth Leadership Council received scholarships from the SAFE Coalition. A coalition member made a donation to the organization specifically for youth scholarships and this year’s recipients of the award were Kaylee Stockwell from Van Buren High School and Alena Whitaker from Harmony High School. Congratulations to both of these members on their accomplishments!

Students will have an opportunity over the summer to attend the ISTEP Summit being held in Fairfield, IA on June 26th. Students must register online for this event at The Van Buren County YLC chapter will help with transportation if necessary for students interested in attending.

Other activities that YLC members will be involved in over the summer include; a Car Seat Safety Check Day on June 27th and the SAFE and Healthy Kids Fair on July 28th. Two YLC members will be selected to attend the CADCA National Youth Leadership Initiative held in Indianapolis in August. 

Be watching for more Youth Leadership Council news over the summer and again when school starts in the fall. For more information on Youth Leadership Council activities or how to get involved you may contact, 319-293-6412 or check us out on the web at

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