Thursday, June 18, 2015

Iowa Partnership for Success Funds - Community Assessment

The SAFE Coalition is currently working on the Community Assessment phase of the IPFS (Iowa Partnership for Success) Grant. This requires the completion of two key documents, the Community Assessment Workbook (CAW) and the Tri-Ethnic Readiness Survey.

The Community Assessment Workbook (CAW) requires the collection of a variety of data from a variety of sources, some of this is qualitative and some quantitative. Coalition members are working to collect the required data to complete this document and identify the local conditions in the community related to underage drinking and underage binge drinking. The coalition held focus groups the first week of June for community members to provide additional information about the concerns that they have about underage drinking in the community.  The results of the focus groups will be documented in the CAW. 

The Tri-Ethnic Community Readiness Survey requires the coalition to complete 12 interviews with members of the community to gauge their readiness to address the issue of underage drinking. These interviews have now all been completed and are being scored by coalition members.  After the scoring has been completed the final piece will be the completion of the report for this document.  Information on results of this survey will be shared with the coalition and the community upon completion of the entire process.

The next steps for the IPFS Grant will be to use the data collected in the assessment process to determine the capacity that needs to be built as well as identifying local conditions and planning strategies to make community change.  For more information on the Partnership for Success funds you may contact the coalition office at 319-293-6412 or via email at

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