Thursday, August 13, 2015

Van Buren County Youth Attend CADCA Mid-Year NYLI Training

Cheyenne Schmitter & Emily Jester
at the NYLI Conference
The Van Buren County SAFE Coalition along with more than 1,500 substance abuse prevention and treatment specialists from across the country convened in Indianapolis August 3rd – 6th for CADCA’s 2015 Mid-Year Training Institute. The week-long training, held at the JW Marriott, taught participants how to address one of our nation’s biggest public health challenges – youth drug use.

CADCA sent the SAFE Coalition participants home, revved up and ready to implement new ideas as “Agents of Change” in Truth or Consequences, in Van Buren County, Iowa.

Emily Jester shared that her experience in Indianapolis was a great opportunity. The NYLI taught her how to recognize a problem in the community and effectively find a solution. She also learned how to strategically put the resolution into action. The leaders at NYLI had great ways of making our time worthwhile and exciting.  As teenagers, sitting all day long through seminars isn't a very effective way of learning. So, the NYLI leaders made sure that they were not only mentally, but physically involved with the material they were learning. They also had us talk and listen on a personal level to the other people at the conference. What was most interesting was hearing all of the different issues that people from all over the country are dealing with and how they are planning to resolve their problems. Emily plans on sharing as much information as she can with the rest of the Youth Leadership Council to make sure everyone is taking a progressive approach to addressing substance abuse in Van Buren County.

Cheyenne Schmitter shared that the week at the NYLI Mid-Year Training was amazing and unforgettable.  It was truly as their motto says “Youth Led – Adult Guided”.  It was so interactive and they kept them interested.  From the strategic prevention framework to action planning she believes that she learned how to be more effective in helping her community.  The trainers did great, for having approximately 200 kids there, of listening to their ideas and answering their questions.  The second day they broke the students into breakout rooms, which was a great way for kids to put into action what they learned and get feedback from the trainers in the room.  Overall it was a great experience!  The people that went with Cheyenne just added to the greatness of the experience.  Thank you again for the amazing experience. 

For more information on the Youth Leadership Council or the SAFE Coalition please contact them at 319-293-6412 or at

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