Friday, November 20, 2015

SAFE Coalition Member Attended Iowa Prevention Conference

This year the annual Iowa Prevention Conference was held in Des Moines on November 10th.  The conference is a statewide forum focused on substance abuse prevention and problem gambling prevention, while offering recommendations for best practices. The goal of this conference was to establish a meaningful dialogue among substance abuse prevention and problem gambling professionals by focusing on strategies and tools that can facilitate the development of a strategic response to the various challenges in the field. This event was a collaborative effort between the Iowa Department of Public Health, contracted agencies and grantees, and other service providers and stakeholders who are committed to the educational advancement of prevention professionals.

The conference provided attendees with practical, timely and relevant skills and knowledge; offered sessions that promote critical thinking and build partnerships toward improved practices; provided attendees with opportunities to interact with national and regional leaders and practitioners; strengthened the identity as a field united in its commitment to quality prevention; and provided attendees with informative exhibits to access the latest technology, products and services.  The Iowa Prevention Conference was attended by substance abuse prevention specialists, health educators, problem gambling providers, nurses in a public or clinical setting, administrators, public health workers, civic leaders, and policy makers interested in substance abuse prevention and problem gambling. 

There was one coalition member who attended this conference this year.  During the conference they learned about how to reach the community with information on keeping youth substance abuse free, how substances effect the brain of developing youth, and how to work with law enforcement effectively to address underage drinking in the community.  For more information on the Prevention Conference or local prevention work being completed by the SAFE Coalition please contact the coalition at 319-293-6412 or

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