Thursday, January 7, 2016

Drug Free Communities Grant Ending

The Van Buren County SAFE Coalition received funds in 2005 from SAMHSA to address substance abuse in Van Buren County. The priority areas for this grant included underage drinking, tobacco use and marijuana use. In the last few years the coalition has also looked at ways to address medicine abuse. With these funds the coalition has been able to achieve the following accomplishments:
*Merchant Alcohol Trainings
*SAFE Newsletters
*Town Hall Events on Substance Abuse
*Prom and Graduation Campaigns
*Letters to High School Seniors
*Coalition Website, Blog and Facebook
*Numerous Community Trainings
*Keg Registration
*Tobacco Free Parks
*Completion of CADCA Academy
*SAFE Home Pledges
*Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance Checks
*Updated Conduct Policies at Schools
*Mandatory Team Meetings
*Senior Day– for graduating seniors
*AC4C Day on the Hill– Youth Advocacy
*CADCA’s Coalition of The Year– 2011
*Assistance with Iowa Youth Survey
*Merchant Services
*Merchant Binder
*Drug Free Workplace Support– Policy Development
*Development of a Strong Youth and Adult Coalition

Many of the above accomplishments are being sustained by coalition partners. The Van Buren County Sheriff's Office, Van Buren Community School District, and Sieda Substance Abuse Services have been key players in the coalition and will continue many of these strategies. The coalition will continue to address the issues of underage drinking and binge drinking through the IPFS grant and will continue to seek out additional funds to support the work of the coalition to address other substances of abuse.

For more information on the Drug Free Communities Program you may contact         319-293-6412 or

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