Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quit Dip and Improve Your Health (and Dating Life)

Smokeless tobacco is not harmless. In fact, smokeless tobacco has two to three times the amount of nicotine than cigarettes. All of that nicotine causes a stronger addiction. And stronger nicotine addiction= stronger addiction to break. Think about all you do to stay physically fit and ready – and you’re still hooked on smokeless tobacco?
Let’s make some sense of this. Try to quit for a day. Just one day! Don’t worry, we are here to help! On February 18, 2016, join and others around the nation, and quit smokeless tobacco! Set your quit date for the Great American Spit Out at
Just think about how much quitting will boost to your dating game. Along with serious health issues, using smokeless tobacco causes dental problems, mouth sores, gum decay and tobacco-breath. Perfect for your dating life, right? There’s still time to quit before Valentine’s Day!  Upload a picture of your ideal date for motivation to quit and don’t forget to set your quit date for February 18, 2016.
Need some more support? Join us on social media in February. It’s time to fill your vocab with other meanings of dip because let’s face it – dipping doesn’t make sense.  Share your favorite “Dip Don’ts” with the hashtag #DipDont.
You can quit smokeless tobacco! It just makes sense. Start on the Great American Spit Out on February 18, 2016.

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