Thursday, January 5, 2017


The Van Buren County SAFE Coalition will be completing an audit of all Van Buren County Licensees.  When it has been completed the coalition staff will send each owner/manager a copy of who is or is not trained at your business.  Kris will also be making herself available to meet with business owners/managers to help you with your business and any questions you may have in regard to licensing rules and training your staff.  In order for a local business to be eligible to eliminate administrative sanctions on a local compliance check the employees must have a current certification with the coalition from the free Merchant Alcohol Training.  In order to eliminate administrative sanctions on a state patrol compliance check your employees must be trained through I-PACT the ABD online training system.

The process that the coalition encourages merchants to follow for training is as follows:

1. Orientation DVD: Checking ID’s– Easy as 1-2-3
2. SAFE Merchant Alcohol Training Program
3. I-PACT Online Training Program– Iowa ABD

Upcoming Merchant Alcohol Trainings are available to all businesses and employees, FREE of charge.  The training includes information on how to properly check id’s, how to spot a fake id and additional tips for servers and merchants who sell alcohol.  The trainings in 2017 will be held every other month unless a business is in need of a personal training.  The trainings below will be held at the VBCH Community Services Center in February and at the Roberts Memorial Building in April:

February 21—6:00 pm
February 22—9:00 am
April 18—6:00 pm
April 19—9:00 am

If you have employees who need to be re-trained or who have never been trained plan to get them to a training as soon as possible. If you are unsure of the status of your employees you may contact the coalition office. If you would like to set up a private training for your business please contact Kris at 319-293-6412. If you have other questions or concerns the coalition can be reached via email at or by phone at 319-293-6412. RSVP is required for all trainings.

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