Thursday, March 3, 2011

ID Scanners to be Used in Local Businesses

Dave Mertens – Tillie’s Tap, Zach Keller – Circle B,
Melinda McCracken – Lindy’s Bar & Grill,
and Holly Boyd – First Street Grille.
Not pictured – T&C Tavern.

In an effort to help local businesses in preventing sales of alcohol to minors, the Van Buren SAFE Coalition recently purchased ID scanners and placed them in five Van Buren County retail establishments. The scanners are portable devices that read the data on driver’s licenses or state ID cards and notify the clerk of the age and date of birth of the person making the purchase. It also verifies whether an ID card is valid or expired, indicating that it may possibly be a fake ID. In addition, the businesses were provided with signs to post that the scanners are in use, possibly deterring a minor or person with a fake ID from even attempting to make a purchase. The businesses currently have their employees trained in the SAFE Coalition’s Merchant Alcohol Training program where they are taught the features of Iowa and Missouri ID cards as well as tips to spot a fake ID. The ID scanners will help them when checking out of state licenses because they are designed to read the ID’s of all other states with only one exception. By providing businesses with resources that can assist them in preventing sales to minors the SAFE Coalition is working with the retailers to address the problem of youth purchasing alcohol. The businesses that received the ID scanners are Tillie’s Tap, T&C Tavern, Lindy’s Bar & Grill, First Street Grille and Circle B. The SAFE Coalition will have additional scanners to distribute later this year. Any businesses interested should contact Tonja Jirak at 319-288-0912.

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Haley McAdams said...

Really great idea on the scanners. To also help lessen issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages, Alcohol Sellers needs to have proper training like Alcohol Training to gain their Alcohol Server Certification.