Friday, May 30, 2014

Harmony High School Members Peer Teach

Taryn Counts, Alena Whitaker, Patrick Douthart,
Taylor Diephuis and Emily Housh 
On Tuesday, May 27th five Harmony High School Youth Leadership Council Members visited the Harmony 6th grade classes to speak to them about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use.

The YLC members presented a skit to the students that shared with them how the media portrays alcohol as okay and acceptable. The YLC members wanted to make sure that the youth know that this is not the truth! These YLC members also gave the 6th graders the opportunity to think about what their lives will be in the future. What do they want to be when they get older, what are their dreams, where do they want to live, do they want to go to college, what will their life be like in 20 years. They then asked the students the dangers of using drugs and alcohol. The students gave them answers about how it can have an impact on their bodies and this is very true. The YLC members reminded them that not only does it have an impact on their bodies but it also has an impact on their futures and could have an impact on the rest of the lives. The students placed their dreams and hopes into a bottle, they were reminded about their plans for the future and then the YLC members talked about how all of those dreams and plans could be ruined if they choose to use drugs or alcohol underage.

6th graders were then given the opportunity to sign up for YLC for next year. Heidi Bainbridge and the YLC members spoke about the program and all of the things that YLC members were able to get involved with. They shared information about speaking to their peers, doing work in the community and being involved in trips where they can learn more about being a leader in their community. All 6th graders who sign up for YLC will be notified about summer events and can start attending meetings at the start of the next school year.

YLC has ended regular meetings for this school year but the group will have a couple of activities they will be a part of over the summer. These activities include the Keosauqua 4th of July Celebration and the Safe and Healthy Kids Fair. Thank you to the community for all of the support of the YLC program and have a great summer!

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