Thursday, November 20, 2014

2nd Place Red Ribbon Week Essay - I Stand Above the Influence - By Isabel Manning

All I hear are sirens, helicopters, screaming and crying.  Why!?  Why do I hear and see these horrible things?  It’s all because of a drunk driver.

Why do people do drugs, drink alcohol and use tobacco?  Probably because the people who do drugs think that they are only going to do it once, but they end up getting addicted to the drug which means that after a while their body gets used to it and it’s very hard to get out of the habit. 

It seems as though they don’t know the dangers of drugs.  There are lots and lots of dangerous things about them all.  Some drugs have good in them like if you have diabetes or cancer you take legal drugs to help the disease, but some people use these legal drugs inappropriately, like drinking too much of it and that leads to bad decisions.

When you drink more amounts of alcohol or any kind of drug your brain sends wrong messages through your blood vessels which sends wrong signals to the body.  You can end up seeing or hearing things that aren’t real, feeling things that aren’t there or do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Drugs can make your heart beat faster, your body move slower, your throat feel dry and your pupils get bigger.  It can also affect the way you see, hear, feel, smell, think, move, eat, and also how often you go to the bathroom.  Now who would want to do that to their body?  Because, I know I don’t.

These are reasons why I choose to be above the influence of drugs, alcohol and tobacco because if my family found out that I had been doing drugs they wouldn’t be very happy, and what if my friends found out?  They wouldn’t think of me the same way.  When I grow up I want to be an NBA girl’s basketball coach and what would the players think of me?  Drugs, alcohol and tobacco can cause serious damage and even death.  Just think one wrong move and all you hear are sirens…

I stand above the influence.

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