Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Honorable Mention Red Ribbon Week Essay - Dangering Products: Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco By: Kolbie Bass

I choose to be above the influence of drugs, alcohol and tobacco because…

Participating in those activities are very dangerous and could most likely have life changing effects on your body.  Ever thought about that?

Once you get caught you can have people talking about you, is that what you want?  You are too smart to let one night of fun affect your school grades or GPA.  Remember that every time before you go out to party!

We all like sports!  Once you’re caught doing something wrong you can’t take it back.  Would you really want to risk not being able to show your athletic skills?

Woot!  Woot!  You just got a job!  You’re so glad that you now have money to spend.  You were driving while intoxicated though.  What do you think that means?  You will now lose your job.  No more money for you!

Once you can drive don’t EVER get in a car while intoxicated.  You could be risking your life!!! Always remember you can be endangering other people around you.  Don’t ever get in with anybody either if they could have used hurtful products to their body. 

Would you really want to ruin your relationships with friends and family just because you decided to do something wrong?  I know that I wouldn’t.  Once you have done something wrong your friends don’t want to call you their friends.  Always remember that it can reflect on your personality. 

Never give minors alcohol or any hurtful drugs to use.  Not only will you get in trouble for giving it to them, but they will get in trouble for using dangerous products.  You will suffer the consequences.  Don’t think that you can get out of it. 

Listen up guys!!! This is nothing to blow off or think that it’s not important!  You can be risking your life.  Never use hurtful products such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  Take it seriously!!!

Fact # 1 = 22 million Americans use illegal drugs
Fact # 2 = 9% or US population uses illegal drugs
Men tend to drink the most.
Younger men 18-49 are the heaviest drinkers of any age group or gender.
These are 2010 facts!

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