Thursday, June 26, 2014

How has YLC had an impact on my life?

By: Faith Murphy

The first day of school, when I signed up for the Youth Leadership Council, I never would have imagined it would have impacted by life as much as it did.  The friends and memories I have made will last me a lifetime. 

YLC is not just any club though, throughout my four years of YLC I have felt my confidence go up, I have learned how to be a strong leader and I have become a productive public speaker.  I have also learned how to use prevention strategies to breakdown a community to find what drug and alcohol problems they may be facing.  I have even been given two opportunities, through YLC and the SAFE Coalition, to attend CADCA in Washington, D.C.  While attending CADCA, I learned how to properly speak to our state officials and even got an opportunity to work with them on what we can do to help our sate and community. 

Van Buren County is lucky to have a club like YLC.  I feel like I have helped change our community for the better and I encourage any student in High School to join YLC and do the same.  

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