Friday, June 20, 2014


By: Abby Rider

Being a part of Youth Leadership Council was one of the best choices I made throughout high school and it has impacted my life in so many ways. It allowed me to be the role model I always dreamed of being for my peers and younger classmates. With the guidance of Heidi Bainbridge and Melissa Daugherty, I was able to learn about the risks of using drugs and alcohol and am proud to say that in my five years of YLC, I have remained drug and alcohol free.  I am forever in their debt of “thank you” for all the opportunities they have given me: CADCA in Phoenix and Washington DC, trainings throughout Iowa, meeting state senators in Des Moines, etc. I am sad that my time with YLC has come to an end, but I plan on taking what I learned to college and continue to be a role model for the people around me. I’ll always cherish my memories and lessons learned with YLC and I hope the generations after me will join so they can have the unforgettable experience as well. 

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